Founder of Company

The edmPRO IT Solutions GmbH was established by
Friedrich Prölß in June 2012.

About Friedrich Prölß
Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Hanover
Degree in Industrial Engineering, Technical University of Brunswick

Career history:
Many years’ experience and comprehensive knowledge in the following areas:
- Consulting
- Project management 
- Software development 
- Programming 
- Coaching
Many years’ experience in high-responsibility
management of CAD/CAM and PDM/EDM projects for the
mechanical engineering and automotive industries within
an international group specialized in software systems
and mainframe computers.


edmPRO IT Solutions GmbH - Otto-Hirsch-Str. 40 71686 Remseck
Tel.: (0 71 46) 89 17 93 - E-Mail: